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Are you interested in ecology, evolution, genetics, bioinformatics and the latest methods in zoology and botany? The biological institutes of the Johannes Gutenberg University offer future-oriented Bachelor and Master courses in Biology. At the Institute for Organismic and Molecular Evolution (iomE) you can fully specialize in your favorite topics from the field of evolutionary biology. At iomE alone, there are nine internationally recognized professorships that offer courses on the following topics:

  • Evolutionary Ecology
  • Behavioral Ecology and Social Evolution of Insects
  • Evolution und Phylogeny of Plants
  • Molecular Genetics and Genome Analysis
  • Diversity of Flowering Plants
  • Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
  • Palaeo- und Population Genomics of Humans and Their Domesticated Animals
  • Didactics of Biology (see also degree program: Bachelor & Master of Education)
  • Evolution Genetics and Phylogenetics of Humans

The courses and lectures offered by the evolutionary biology working groups are always close to research and qualify for a wide range of professional tasks in your later profession:

Apart from carrying out the very latest evolutionary biological lab experiments, a central element of all iomE courses is data analysis, which is just as fundamental a skill of biologists as working in the laboratory or in the field.

The master’s degree in Mainz consists of two double modules in the first year of study as well as project work and master’s thesis in the second year of study. In this way, in-depth conceptual and methodological knowledge in evolutionary biology can be acquired in two or three different sub-areas of evolutionary biology.

In addition, the Faculty of Biology at the JGU offers a master’s degree in Anthropology to which biologists, including all sorts of life scientists, bioinformaticians, and mathematicians can apply.

In the PhD program GenEvo, doctoral theses on the subject of “Gene Regulation and Evolution” are awarded.

More detailed information on research and teaching is available on the individual homepages of the various working groups.


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